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This site was originally setup to expose the speed trap in Bluff City, TN, where the speed limit, for no reason, changes from 55 to 45 on a four lane divided highway. About 100 yards away a speed camera is waiting, sucking over a quarter million dollars a month out of the local economy.

Howard Williams has contributed two outstanding articles that are a must read about fighting the Bluff City Photo Radar.
Please see Fighting the Bluff City Photo radar Notice of Violation and Administrative Law Basics. He is also working on more documents that will allow you to file your own motions to the Bluff City Court.
Please watch this site for updates. All court hearings have been delayed to at least 09/13/10 due to lack of a city attourney.

Bluff City local speed camera news

NEW 8/13 Speed-camera revenue might give Bluff City salaries a boost
NEW 8/13 Lack of Bluff City attorney puts speed camera tickets in limbo
Traffic camera bill takes wrong turn
Notice in the article above, if this bill does pass the Senate, the fines will be limited to a maximum of $50 and the cities cannot report you to a collection agency, giving no penalty at all for unpaid tickets. This is still good news for TN! If tickets are not paid, no profit will be made, and that will be the end of the cameras!
House Holds Floor Fight on Traffic Cameras
Notable quotes from article above: "Mumpower, whose district includes Bluff City, said the camera is "sucking out of the economy of East Tennessee over a quarter-million dollars a month" in fines, most of which goes to a foreign-owned company operating the device."
"Rep. Mathew Hill, R-Jonesborough, who said he drives the stretch of highway regularly, said the camera is located on a "four-lane straightaway" where the speed limit has been lowered from 55 mph to 45 mph for "about 100 yards" around the camera in a deliberate attempt to catch and fine motorists who are driving safely."
Cerabino: Tenn. speed trap helps visitors feel at home
The article above does an excellent job of describing what this site is about. A Palm Beach visitor runs into the speed trap and vows to never return to our community.
House Lawmakers Try To Resurrect Traffic Camera Restrictions
Notable quote from Rep. Curtis in aricle linked above:
"I think the particular one we're talking about now [Bluff City], heck, I'm willing to go up there with Jason [Mumpower] and rip it out of the ground right now, as far as that goes."
Lee White takes advantage of race traffic, pickets Bluff City speed cameras (he will be running for State Rep. this November!)
Kill Tennessee Traffic Cameras has breaking news regarding safety cameras
Map and Info on Johnson City Traffic Cameras (soon expanding to the entire Tri-Cities)
Rep. Matthew Hill reveals his hatred of Bluff City law enforcement
Red light cameras in the Volunteer State: unsafe, unconstitutional, and unnecessary
Bill to put new restrictions on traffic cameras nears

Traffic Camera links:
See comments page for many more visitor submitted links!
ATS Loses Traffic Camera Court Battle Against Redflex
Rear-end collisions jump at red-light camera intersections in West Palm Beach
Arizona to eliminate speed cameras on highways
Costin Testifies in Springfield About Dangerous Red Light Cameras
Red-light cameras on trial in Olympia
How the UK handles revenue cameras!
Download GPS POI file listings for both red light and speed cameras.
Trapster: Speed Trap Sharing System
Fire RedFlex
Ban the
National Motorists Association in the news:
NEW Cerabino: Tenn. speed trap victim gets high-tech retribution
Anti-speed camera activist nabs Bluff City PD's expiring web domain
Bluff City's own web site linked to uncomplimentary articles about the city
CNET: Man buys police Web site after getting ticket
ABC News: Man Buys Police Website After Speeding Ticket Man Busted by Traffic Camera Gets Unique Revenge on Police
The Weekly Vice: Brian McCrary Didn't Get Mad, He Got Even - Buys Police Department Domain Name After Receiving Camera Generated Ticket
The Consumerist: Angry Driver Buys Police Department's Website, Launches Anti-Speed Camera Site
autoblog: Man busted by traffic camera gets unique revenge on police department
Tom's Guide: Man Gets Speeding Ticket, Buys Police Website
ATS: Man busted by traffic camera gets unique revenge on police department
Associated Press: Speed camera foe buys Tenn. city's police website
USA Today: Ticketed activist buys police department's expiring website PD Website Snatched By Scamera Critic
Slashdot: Anti Speed Camera Activist Buys Police Departments Web Domain
What Would You Do With Your Police Departments Website?
The Inquisitr: Man tagged by speed camera buys police department's expiring domain Civilian Buys Tenn. City's Police Web Site
The man behind the "new"
International stories: USA: Geschwindigkeits?bertreter kauft Internetdomain der Polizei USA: Radarfallen-Hasser schnappte sich Polizei-Website Un ?ofer s-a r?zbunat pe poli?i?ti l?s?ndu-i f?r? site Internet
Tages-Anzeiger: Fauler als die Polizei erlaubt Boete ontvangen? Kaap het domein van het politiekorps
Russian IT community portal does story

While this site is not to be used for legal advice and provides none, be aware that safety cameras tickets issued in TN are civil in nature. Failure to pay them will not result in anything more than would occur if you did not pay any other bill sent. These tickets can not be used to report the violation to insurance companies, add points to your driving record, or affect your driver license even if they are unpaid.

If not paying the ticket, and it is referred to a collection agency, you can immediately stop all contact from them by writing a letter. See this link for more information:

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